Media Agency

Somebody should have built the media agency every brand ever wanted way before, but as nobody did, Shake Again was born.

Shake Again can provide all the services needed for the success of a brand online

Joining the expertise of Shake Again’s team, brands can receive the service and return over investment that they should always have got. Shake Again’s service is fully ROI oriented, helping clients of all industries find their best online development.

Experience as our main asset


Our mixed experience let us leverage the best of media, marketing and technology to service clients of all sizes and industries to find the best way to develop a profitable digital strategy.

Media Planning

Digital Media Planning focused in specific KPIs objectives

Social Ads

Strategy and operation of social ads, focusing in reaching specific KPIs

Creativity and Production

Creativity and production capabilities applied to maximize effect of every marketing strategy

Social Media

Social Media administration and strategic interaction


Scaling reach with search engines strategies, organic and ads based

Performance ROI

Marketing strategies directly oriented to results and ROI. Performance is part of our DNA.

Media + Marketing + Technology

Modern solutions for a fast evolving market

Lower Media Costs

Traditional Media Method

Lower Media Costs

ShakeAgain's Method

Why ShakeAgain can lower media costs?

Pursuing performance and optimizing towards ROI, disintermediating and eliminating commissions and rebates charged by agencies to publishers, and focusing on client's business ShakeAgain's team can get more for every penny invested by the brand.